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Running Injuries to Look Out For

Running Injuries to Look Out For

As most runners know, the sport of running can be incredibly taxing on the body. While the ideal situation is certainly a pain-free run every single time, the reality is that running injuries are very common. From aches and pains here to twinges and tweaks there, being aware of the body and some of theContinue Reading

What Causes Bursitis?

Tendons, bones, and ligaments all move against one another, especially near joints, in order to achieve some of the most common daily functions. As the body moves, small fluid-filled sacs serve as cushions near the contact points at the joints, these sacs are referred to as bursae. In order to reduce friction, there are overContinue Reading

Sciatica Exercises for Pain Relief

Sciatica is one of the most common injuries suffered by adults today. In fact, research suggests that nearly 40 percent of people will suffer from sciatica or pain of the sciatic nerve during some time in their life. The sciatic nerve runs from either side of the body’s lower spine, continues to travel all theContinue Reading