Many people are referring to yesterday’s NFL Sunday as one of “those” types of days, in reference to the many injuries suffered by some key players across the league. However, key players aside, it is important to note the massive number of injuries that continue to haunt the NFL week after week. To say yesterday was “brutal” is true and to say the entire season thus far has been “brutal” is true as well. Injuries seem to be an inevitable part of the game when it comes to professional football in the United States. While the NFL continues to update its rules to deter these serious injuries from occurring, it seems as though an injury-ridden league remains when it comes to the sport of football.

Sadly, football players are taught to hit from the early days in Pop Warner football. From the first time they put on pads, football players are rewarded for hard, tough hits. And while is certainly an inevitable component of the game, recent injuries in the NFL has sparked conversation regarding “how far is too far?” The bottom line is that these guys are trained to hit hard and take hard hits and, as a result, it seems almost unnatural to argue about injuries in a sport where hitting is the main component. Nevertheless, the NFL continues its pursuit of making the game as safe as possible.

Concussions have been an ongoing issue in the NFL. As such, the referees have worked diligently over the last several years to take on more responsibility as they attempt to protect NFL players from helmet-first hits to the neck and head. While the NFL rules reflect a good start, injuries continue to trouble the league. Take a look at the video below as CNN discusses the “concussion crisis” the NFL faces today and the NFL’s “denial” regarding the issue: