Chiropractic care for sports injuries has caught some negative attention over the years. About a decade ago, many athletes believed that chiropractic manipulation supplied little benefits to treat sport injuries. However, athletes today have drastically changed their tune. In fact, many professional and collegiate sports teams have a chiropractor on their medical staff. In today’s sporting age, leagues, teams, and individuals are recognizing the vast differences that chiropractic manipulations can make in their ability to perform, treatment for injury, and maintenance for the overall body.

An athlete’s body is often pushed to its physical limits on a regular basis, especially professional athletes or those training for competition. As such, chiropractic doctors are called upon to treat sports injuries associated with the shoulders, ankles, neck, back, hips, knees, and other areas of the athlete’s body. Due to the fact that many sports injuries directly affect their ability to perform at optimal levels, manipulations of the body are often the most advantageous way to limit pain and increase function. Rehabilitating an injury without using painkillers or surgical procedures is typically the preference of athletes wishing to get back on the field or court as soon as possible. In these cases, chiropractic care is the most successful course of action.

More often than not when an athlete suffers an injury it is due to some sort of underlying issues. From improving mobility to reducing pain through tissue manipulation, chiropractic care addresses sports injuries by addressing the primary problem, likely preventing the same type of injury from occurring in the future. In addition, chiropractor’s approach to physical care concentrates on the whole body, not simply the area where pain is present. In this regard, chiropractic adjustments are able to focus on imbalances in the body while treating the injury.

Strengthening the body’s core, for instance, is imperative for all athletes. Using a variety of modalities to care for the entire body, chiropractic manipulation concentrates on healing to improve range of motion, balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination. In doing so, athletes are able to rehabilitate their injury while potentially preventing the injury from occurring in the future. Sports chiropractors are able to approach a sports injury with a number of critical factors in mind. For instance, understanding repetitive motions required for training, muscles that are worked rhythmically, and particularly pressure on the body is critical to formulating a treatment plan.

As athletes continue to welcome chiropractic care for sports injury, the future looks bright for competitors of all kinds. To learn more about your particular sports injury and how Campbell Sport Rehab and Spine Center can help, please contact our West Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens office today.