Florida summers mark some of the hottest temperatures in the country. Typically a time to be outdoors, summer weather plays a significant role in the body’s ability to perform during any type of physical activity. In addition to the high temperatures and intense humidity that threaten the health of athletes, many are slightly out of shape from the previous winter and spring months and must be extremely cautious when getting back into their workout routine. Combining a rusty body with Florida heat can be very dangerous without injury prevention steps and a focus on maintaining a healthy body.

Training during the winter and spring months is certainly the most advantageous way to feel your best when summer rolls around. Therefore, athletes are encouraged to keep their body in shape during the offseason in order to adjust to a more intense workout routine. However, those people who are not training for a particular sport or event may not need to participate in serious training in the offseason. In these cases, it is important to properly stretch, rest, and fuel your body with proper nutrition.

The summer months also mark a time where children stay up later than usual. While this is fun for slumber parties and vacations, a lack of rest can really take a toll on the body. Both serious and casual athletes must get proper rest in order to get the most out of their bodies without injury. Finally, nutrition is amongst the most important ways to prep your body for summer sports. Proper hydration is critical during the smoldering afternoon Florida heat. A lack of hydration can result in serious injury and even death in severe cases. In addition to properly hydrating, athletes must eat healthy during the summer months. Be sure to give your body to the proper nutrients that it needs to perform at optimal levels.

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