Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue for many Americans today. As one of the most common nerve conditions to affect the average person in the United States, addressing this condition is important to avoid the intense and troublesome pain often associated with carpal tunnel. While there is a wide range of techniques used to help reduce the pain and limitations associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, some have been proving to be much more successful than others. For instance, Active Release Technique is one of the fastest-growing treatments in the physical therapy industry and an excellent approach to treating carpal tunnel.

Being aware of the most risky situations where carpal tunnel may arise is important. In fact, an enormous percentage of the working populating in the country is vulnerable to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Being in tune with the body with the ability to recognize physical issues is critical. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often begins with the feeling of numbness or tingling in the fingers or hands. Eventually, this pain will move to the wrist and then up to the arm and shoulder region. When these symptoms are detected earlier, there is an increase in the potential to alleviate carpal tunnel pain.

The following people are most at risk for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • People who are susceptible to retaining body fluids
  • Those with inflammatory conditions
  • Jobs that entail hands use, especially in regard to repeated actions

In addition, it should be noted that women are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome at much higher rates than men. Active Release Technique is a soft-tissue mobilization therapy that has been sweeping the nation. By manually identifying scar tissue and muscle adhesions, Active Release Technique is able to pinpoint areas that need to be helped, such as removing adhesions or scar tissue.

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