CrossFit has truly swept the nation over the last couple of years. From teens to young adults to even elderly adults, CrossFit seems to work for all kinds of people in all kinds of shape. While it previously seemed like the CrossFit trend would be a fad that quickly died out, it seems to only be growing in popularity throughout the United States and abroad. Highlights of CrossFit training include the incorporation of functional flexibility with high-intensity-interval-training to build both endurance and mental stamina. The ability to use cross-training to encourage weight loss and muscle building has played a significant role in CrossFit’s current success.

Unfortunately, CrossFit’s intensity also leads to a number of potential injuries. While no statistical data exists, anecdotal evidence leads us to believe that injury is certainly a prospective threat during CrossFit workouts. From back and neck to shoulder pain and from knee to ankle injuries, CrossFit offers intense workouts that, if executed incorrectly, can result in serious injury. Another issue raised regarding CrossFit involves the lack of regulatory rules and quality control. With no guidelines supplied by a nationally-recognized authority, CrossFit pretty much has free reign to use their own training methods.

The following are some of the most common CrossFit exercises that may lead to an injury:

  • Deadlift
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Muscle Up
  • Power Clean

Now, it is important to note that these are all typical workout exercises performed in any capacity, not just CrossFit. However, attempting the above CrossFit exercises without prior knowledge of how to execute them properly may end in disaster. Therefore, we encourage all CrossFit participants to go slowly, paying attention to each exercise and their ability to perform said movement. The beauty of CrossFit is that each person is encouraged to push themselves at their own pace. Without any type of pressure, CrossFit athletes should be able to advance at their own rate and in a safe manner.

When the complexity of CrossFit exercises continues to advance, it is important to ask questions and proceed with caution. For example, attempting deadlifts without fully understanding the proper form can result in something as serious as a herniated disc. Avoid suffering injury during your CrossFit workouts by paying attention form and technique at all times.