First Visit

Save some time and have these forms filled out before your first appointment.  Our paperwork will ask some basic questions about yourself, insurance information, present condition as well as other pertinent information we will need.

Cash or Insurance New Patient Forms  (Please Right click the link and choose “SAVE AS”)

Initial Intake
Symptom Survey

Auto Accident (Please Right click the link and choose “SAVE AS”)

Initial Intake
Symptom Survey
Personal Injury Auto Accident Form

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388252_296808803690741_1633318330_nAfter you have downloaded the initial paperwork or filled it out in our office we (Dr. Campbell or Dr. Sudnykovych) will sit down with you to discuss what brought you into our clinic. We will ask many questions during our examination, such as “When did you first notice the problem?”, and “What makes it worse or better?”. Next, we will do a number of specialized orthopedic and neurologic tests which is essentially a fact-finding mission by us to ascertain which tissues are involved. After all, pain can come from muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves, etc. Determining the source of the problem helps us to develop a diagnosis and plan of treatment.  It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.



specialties_onsite_xray After the exam, x-rays are taken, when needed, to provide us with a picture of your spine, joints, and even limited soft tissue structure. X-rays can be VERY valuable to us in that they are provided with a clear picture of your posture, misaligned vertebrae, overlaying degeneration in the joints or spine, and sometimes organic or soft tissue problems. After all, a more accurate diagnosis provides for more accurate treatment, and accurate treatment leads to a more positive outcome for you. We will review the x-rays and exam and give you a full report of findings on the same day.


Same Day Treatment

Real_Same_Day_Treatment_ADEvery patient is unique and will require different treatment methods which will be explained during your review of your x-rays.  We have many different physical therapy modalities which we have to treat various conditions which include, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat, paraffin, etc.. We also provide chiropractic adjustments along with soft tissue therapy. (Read about our Services here)


Home Care Instructions

doctor-notesWe will also provide you with certain home activities or instructions to be utilized in your home environment. This may include avoiding certain exercises, how to use ice or heat, avoiding certain positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.



Scheduling Your Next Appointment

apptScheduling your appointments has never been easier.  We offer online scheduling as well as receiving your appointment by text messages or email.  This options allows us to send you appointment reminders which you can confirm or cancel.  Our email and text reminders is an opt-in method and you must accept before using.