Dr. Jaysen Sudnykovych, D.C.

small2I just wish I had known then what I know now…

I am not sure if crawling into the chiropractor for the first time and walking out was how chiropractic chose me. I suffered a nasty back injury during wrestling season my senior year which landed me on the adjusting table the first time. Most people would be amazed how I could barely walk on the way in and how I left the office upright. However what was most intriguing and appealing to me about my experience, was how care was not just about the adjustment alone but about the bigger picture of living the wellness lifestyle. Not only was I able to return to wrestling quickly, but getting adjusted regularly was great prevention for re-injury but it also helped to improved my performance

Chiropractic Education

After graduating from Florida State University (FSU) in 2001, I packed my things and drove across country to Dallas, Texas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. I have to admit, the weather was very appealing when I was making my choice about which school to attend. I was initially surprised at how grueling the course work is considering I heard from many people in Florida that chiropractors “they aren’t real doctors.” After three and a half years and a million tests, exams, practicals and boards later, I am very happy with the education I received at Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005.   Working at the Outpatient Clinics while in school provided me with life changing experiences. Just seeing the gratitude on a child’s face, the healing which had occurred and their overall improved health over time with chiropractic care was amazing!

Being a native of Florida and growing up in North Palm Beach, I decided to move back and begin my career as a chiropractor.

Dr. Jaysen Sudnykovych, Personally

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When not in the office, you will find me cycling with On Your Mark Performance cycling club in Lake Park, participating in running events, competing in triathlon events or dabbling in anything that keeps me active. I also help coach little league basketball at the North Palm Beach recreation center.

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I get adjusted once a week, I exercise 4-5 days a week, I do not own any bottles of Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, or Excedrin! Not just practicing but living the chiropractic is a priority of mine!  I encourage my friends and family to do the same.

Enough about me! I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call and let’s arrange a time to explore your options about how we can help you. Let us help you take your first step towards better health!