In Florida, it seems as though swimming is an option year-round. However, as the summer months begin to roll in, children and adults alike will be spending significant time in the pool. The health benefits of water-based exercise are widespread, historically proven to promote good health in the body, especially for those with chronic illness or heart disease. As the fourth most popular sporting activity in the United States, it is important that all Floridians understand the vast health benefits of this aerobic physical activity.

Compared to inactive individuals, those who swim have half the risk of death, according to reports from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As a whole body workout, swimming engages and exercises essentially every muscle in the body. As these muscles strive to keep the body afloat, the constant effort is incredibly beneficial to the body’s health. As a result, swimming strengthens the body’s heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and improves a person’s capacity for aerobic exercise.

For serious athletes, swimming is often the most promising alternative exercise when an injury is suffered. As a low-impact workout, swimming allows the body to be supported by the water, thus placing much less pressure on the body’s joints and muscles as many high-impact sports do. For those wishing to burn significant calories and get their heart rate up, the water resistance present allows for an intense workout. From elderly individuals to overweight persons looking to get fit, swimming is an excellent alternative to dry-land workouts.

Looking past adults looking to lose weight and athletes looking for an exercise alternative, swimming is an amazing opportunity for children to stay in shape and have fun. The summer months in Florida are hot and humid, getting your kids out in the pool is a phenomenal, healthy, and fun way to keep your children moving!