Juicing Before a Workout

Juicing Before a Workout

While diet fades certainly go in and out quickly in our nation today, juicing seems to be the next “big thing” that we believe is here to stay. From what started as a form of cleanse and transformed into a way of life, juicing has become one of the most popular sources of protein, vitamins,Continue Reading

The Importance of Post-Workout Protein

From athletes to those maintaining a healthy body, working out takes a lot out of anyone. When a person pushes their body to limits, as many do during a typical workout, it is imperative to fuel yourself with the proper nutrition. As the health craze continues to sweep the nation over the last decade, itContinue Reading

Avoiding Golfer’s Elbow This Summer

Summertime, Florida, and golfing seem to go together naturally. People from all over the world choose to spend their summer vacations in Florida to enjoy the beautiful weather and highly praised golf courses. For those avid golfers, keeping the body in tiptop shape is important to maximize the golf swing and make the most outContinue Reading

Addressing Carpal Tunnel with Active Release Technique

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue for many Americans today. As one of the most common nerve conditions to affect the average person in the United States, addressing this condition is important to avoid the intense and troublesome pain often associated with carpal tunnel. While there is a wide range of techniques used to helpContinue Reading

Avoiding Shin Splints to Maximize Your Run

Serious runners are vulnerable to a wide range of sports injuries; most commonly overuse injuries as they continue to apply the same type of pressure to the same muscles and joints. For those runners who are steadfast in their workout routine, even the most minor injuries will cause a headache. Shin splints, one of theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Proper Posture for Good Health

Everyone’s mom always told them to stand up straight and most children rolled their eyes and went on their way. The mothers of the world, however, knew what they were talking about when they told you to stand up straight. As time goes on, more and more studies are being released regarding good posture andContinue Reading

Swimming Benefits Your Entire Body

In Florida, it seems as though swimming is an option year-round. However, as the summer months begin to roll in, children and adults alike will be spending significant time in the pool. The health benefits of water-based exercise are widespread, historically proven to promote good health in the body, especially for those with chronic illnessContinue Reading

Don’t Let Tennis Elbow Keep You on the Sidelines

As the summer sun begins to target Florida, Floridians across the state are grabbing their tennis rackets in preparation for tennis season. Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Florida, especially during the summer when the weather is beautiful and sunny. A sport that provides exercise and entertainment to both professional and amateurContinue Reading

Injuries and Active Release Techniques (ART)

Active Release Techniques (ART) is a cutting-edge soft tissue system/movement-based practice that targets issues with tendons, muscles, fascia, nerves, and ligaments. With the ability to treat a wide variety of injuries and ailments, ART has become one of the most popular methods of treating conditions that result of the overuse of muscles. Overuse injuries areContinue Reading

Prepping Your Body for Summer Sports in Florida

Florida summers mark some of the hottest temperatures in the country. Typically a time to be outdoors, summer weather plays a significant role in the body’s ability to perform during any type of physical activity. In addition to the high temperatures and intense humidity that threaten the health of athletes, many are slightly out ofContinue Reading